Stephen Ross

F1 Rumor: Ross declined $10B for Dolphins, stadium and F1 race

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross reportedly was offered $10 billion for controlling interest in the Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium and Miami’s Formula One race and turned it down. The offer was reported by USA Today and confirmed by the Miami Herald.

The record for a NFL franchise sale is $6.05 billion. That was for the Washington Commanders in 2023.

USA Today reported that Ross wants to keep the assets in the family, so he declined the offer. While that’s hard to put a monetary value on, Ross is also a successful businessman and if he thought $10 billion was a ridiculous offer, maybe there would have been a sale.

But $10 billion might not have been enough for the team, stadium and race.

F1 has been booming. Las Vegas practically shut down the city for weeks and put the locals out with traffic issues to host a race last year, and the race had a estimated economic impact of $1.5 billion according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The area inside and outside of Hard Rock Stadium has been built up to host the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday.

F1 was a big part of that massive offer to Ross, but the NFL part of it is still growing too.

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