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Formula 1 News: Ricciardo’s Hollywood show gets great light

Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo has officially signed on as a producer for an upcoming Hulu comedy series centered around the high-stakes world of Formula 1.

Daniel Ricciardo career in F1 may not last much longer but he then can transition to Hollywood after his TV show about F1 was picked up after two years of work behind the scenes.

The Australian F1 driver’s project is backed by the Disney-owned streaming service Hulu.

‘Downforce’ has now received a pilot order with Ricciardo confirmed as an executive producer.

Following in the footsteps of the seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo has added yet another string to his bow, agreeing to an executive producer role for a new Hulu comedy series, Downforce.

Ricciardo, a popular figure in the US, has previously described the show as stemming from “a reality of what F1 is like, but with a bit of Hollywood behind it” and inspired by the likes of Entourage and Ballers.

It will center around a “heiress to a dynastic racing team thrust back into the family business”.

“She needs to make some hard choices about the future of the team and her family’s legacy,” Hulu said.


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