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Formula 1 Rumor: 2025 likely last year for Imola

(GMM) F1’s CEO admits that one of the two grands prix in Italy is unlikely to still be on the calendar beyond 2025, and it’s likely Imola that gets the axe.

The sport races at Imola this week, just a few months before the historic and traditional Italian GP at fabled Monza.

“Italy is a central part of our calendar,” Stefano Domenicali told La Repubblica newspaper. “But we will soon have to address together the amount of resources to invest as a country.

“The uniqueness of a grand prix is no longer enough. We need to make a change of pace with the infrastructure for the fans.”

However, the F1 CEO insisted that it’s “possible” both Imola and Monza will secure new contracts.

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“Yes, but objectively it’s quite difficult,” the Italian admits.

“There are more and more countries ready to enter the calendar, from the far east of the world, to the United States to Europe itself, like Madrid which has demonstrated that it is possible to innovate.”

Domenicali says the moment of truth for the Italian promoters is now looming.

“At the end of August, in Monza, we will take stock with the government institutions and with the Aci,” he said.

“If today some countries do not have the desire to invest, cooperate with us, or make long-term plans, then they risk being left without the grand prix.”

Imola Pit Lane
Imola Pit Lane
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