Corinna and Michael Schumacher

F1 News: Schumacher Family awarded €200K for ‘fake’ interview

(GMM) Michael Schumacher’s family has secured 200,000 euros in compensation for a ‘fake’ interview with the F1 legend.

A year ago, the weekly women’s magazine Die Aktuelle published an AI-powered interview purported to be with the seven time world champion, who has not been heard from or seen since his 2013 skiing accident.

“Finally get answers almost ten years after his tragic skiing accident,” the magazine promised.

Almost immediately, the Schumacher family instigated legal action against the publisher – Funke Mediengruppe.

Funke reacted by firing the magazine’s editor-in-chief Ann Hoffmann, and apologized for the “tasteless and misleading article”.

But Ubermedien, a publication focused on legal issues within the media, now claims that it was not enough for the Schumacher family.

It emerges that Funke will also have to pay 200,000 euros to the Schumachers, aided by a ruling of the Landesarbeitsgericht – the Munich labor court.

However, the publication also claims that fired editor-in-chief Hoffmann successfully argued that she was wrongfully dismissed, with the court describing the firing as “not legally valid”.

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