Helmut Marko driver advisor at Red Bull Racing former driver and head of Red Bull's driver development, during the Monaco GP, 23-26 May 2024 Montecarlo, Formula 1 World championship 2024.

F1 News: Gimmicks needed to fix annual Monaco GP Borefest

(GMM) The current boring format of the Monaco GP “will not work in the long run”, according to Red Bull’s F1 consultant Dr Helmut Marko. Gimmicks will be needed because Monaco is substandard.

Sunday’s slow and processional race in the Principality came at an awkward time, as Liberty Media is pushing organizers for a higher race fee as the current contract expires next year.

Note: Monaco saw a total of four on-track passes during Sunday’s grand prix, the lowest number of any race, including Sprints, this season. It’s the lowest figure at the Principality since 2018, while in the last 40 years only seven races have had fewer (2003 and 2021 saw zero passes).

Opinions in the paddock are divided as to whether Monaco is still suitable for modern Formula 1.

“The tradition is still there,” former F1 driver Christian Klien told Servus TV. “I can’t really imagine a season without Monaco.

“But the cars are too big, too long and too wide. You simply can’t overtake. They were up to eleven seconds (per lap) slower as they tried to finish the race on the hard tires.”

However, there were those who still enjoyed the 2024 Monaco GP – like former tire engineer Kees van de Grint. “I watched the 78 laps with fascination,” the ex-Bridgestone and Ferrari engineer told Viaplay.

“How the top four drove with such concentration, staying so close to each other with such focus and error-free. It was also exciting because (Charles) Leclerc drove so tactically. So yes, I enjoyed it.”

But others are now busily coming up with ideas as to how to fix the problem for subsequent years. “For example, the harbor chicane could be moved further back, which would give more space for overtaking,” said Alex Wurz, who since retiring as an F1 driver is now involved with track design.

“I know of some other tricks too,” for Monaco the Austrian added.

Red Bull’s Marko is adamant that something must be done because a slow process “distorts” F1 and the show and “will not work in the long run”.

“They have to come up with something, either in terms of the track or the pitstops,” he told Osterreich. “For example, you could make everyone use all three types of tires.”

14 Fernando Alonso, (ESP) Aramco Aston Martin Mercedes during the Monaco GP, 23-26 May 2024 Monte Carlo, Formula 1 World championship 2024.
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