F1 News: Marko not critical of Villeneuve’s vicious Ricciardo attack

(GMM) In another clear sign that Daniel Ricciardo’s Formula 1 career may be ending, Dr Helmut Marko has declined to chide Jacques Villeneuve.

Villeneuve, the outspoken 1997 world champion, caused a stir in Montreal by declaring that he thinks Ricciardo is only now in F1 for his “image” rather than his results or pace.

Ricciardo, 34, responded by saying “eat sh*t” and wondering if Villeneuve “hit has head a few too many times”.

Jacques Villeneuve (L) viciously attacked Daniel Ricciardo’s (R) performace and said he no longer deserves to be in F1. Ricciardo told Villeneuve to go eat shit

However, it’s clear that Red Bull is strongly considering dropping the Australian driver at the end of the year, having just announced that Yuki Tsunoda is staying at the junior squad RB next year – with no mention of Ricciardo.

And when asked if Villeneuve is actually right about Ricciardo, Red Bull’s top F1 consultant, Dr Marko, told Le Journal de Montreal: “I didn’t hear his comment.

“But Daniel had to beat Yuki at Racing Bulls. This year, that is not the case. It is rather the opposite thing that is happening,” the 81-year-old added.

“Yuki is an emotional driver, but now he manages to limit his mistakes. He was in demand by other teams. He is young and he fits our mold.

“That’s why we’ve just extended his contract for another year,” Marko added.

Marko was also asked by the local newspaper about Canadian Lance Stroll, whose future at his father Lawrence’s Aston Martin team is currently in doubt.

“He’s had some very good races and some very ordinary ones,” he said.

“I wonder if he really wants to be a driver and if he works very hard to achieve good results.

“But it’s difficult to say, because I don’t know him well enough, and I’m not close to him to really judge his efforts,” Marko added.

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