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MotoGP: Bagnaia fears new teammate Marquez will destroy him

Ducati factory rider Francesco Bagnaia has had things his own way on his superior MotoGP bike, but next year Marc Marquez becomes his teammate and Bagnaia’s days at the front may soon be over.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

“Bagnaia (nickname Pecco) has often repeated that he hopes to keep the existing harmony in the garage,” team manager Davide Tardozzi told Cycle World.

“So his concern is there will be situations that could damage this atmosphere in the garage.

“This is also our priority. We don’t think that Marc’s presence can create problems inside the Ducati garage.

“We think we are able to manage two champions like Marc and Pecco.”

“It’s true that Pecco is a rider of Valentino Rossi’s Academy, but he is a solid champion in himself,” Tardozzi said. For reference – Marquez destroyed Rossi when he came into the sport after years of domination by the Italian. The Italians now fear that Marquez will destroy their current champion, Bagnaia.

“Our priority is that the atmosphere in the garage will remain harmonious as it is nowadays. It’s my task to maintain it.”

Tardozzi was questioned whether Italian fans will accept Marquez wearing red.

2014 in Sepang – Marquez and Rossi after intense battle

He was asked about memories of Rossi and Marquez’s most notorious skirmishes.

“We have to say that the facts in Sepang date back to almost 10 years ago,” Tardozzi responded.

“We look at the rider’s performance and his ability to develop the bike together with Pecco and win titles,” Tardozzi said.

“We look ahead, to the future, not to the past.

“Moreover, in the sport there are the fans who follow a single racer, and then the Ducati fans who follow the brand.

“This is so special and we are very proud and honored to have them both.”

2014 Sepang – race winner Marc Marquez
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