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F1 News: FIA gives thumbs up to cheating flexi-wings in Spain

(GMM) FIA scrutineers have once again approved McLaren and Mercedes’ controversial front wings, after it emerged in Canada two weeks ago that Red Bull has concerns about excessive flexing that is against the intent of the F1 Regulations that bar movable aerodynamic devices.

[Note: Wings are aerodynamic devices and if they move, they are illegal. Just because they pass the FIA’s inferior static load test, does not make them any more legal than Ferrari’s cheater engine several years ago that was legal in that it passed the FIA tests but broke the intent of the regulations.]

In Barcelona, McLaren’s Lando Norris qualified on pole ahead of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull, with the ever-improving Mercedes cars next fastest.

“Mercedes have certainly made progress,” Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko told Kleine Zeitung newspaper, “but above all they have increased their top speed. The same as McLaren.”

In Canada, however, the FIA green-lit the legality of the wings, and the same has now occurred ahead of the Spanish GP.

“You only get this top speed when the wings deform aerodynamically,” Marko continued. “It seems that Mercedes and McLaren have a front wing that complies with the rules because it has passed the inspection, but in racing trim it deforms significantly more than the regulations allow.”

Marko admitted that the cars are legal, though. [We disagree – the FIA test needs to be improved to catch the cheaters]

“It is certainly not illegal,” said the Austrian. “It is just pushing the limits of what is possible. It is an eternal competition between the teams and the FIA.”

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