#55 Carlos Sainz Jr,

Formula 1 Rumor: Carlos Sainz Jr. rumor no one is talking about

Everyone assumes that soon-to-be ex-Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr. will announce that he is driving for Sauber/Audi, Williams or Alpine in 2025, but a new wild rumor says maybe not.

–by Mark Cipolloni–

When Sergio Perez signed a new two-year deal with Red Bull, it was assumed by everyone that Carlos Sainz Jr. had to scratch Red Bull off his wish list for 2025.

However, Perez is underperforming badly, and Red Bull could lose the 2024 Constructors title because of how poorly he is performing of late.

At the same time, it is rumored that Perez has certain performance clauses in his new contract that if he does not meet them, Red Bull could move him aside.

One wild rumor we heard is that Sainz Jr. is waiting until the summer break for an absolute final answer from Red Bull.

The source says that Red Bull has given Perez until the summer break to start qualifying and finishing toward the front, or be demoted to the VISA Cash App Team in 2025.

The rumor, which has not been verified, is that we may not hear where Sainz Jr. is going in 2025 until Red Bull decides what they are going to do with Perez next year.

As for 2026, the VISA Cash App drivers very well could be Perez and either Lawson Tsunoda or Ricciardo. Red Bull will no longer be using Honda engines in 2026 and the thinking is that Tsunoda will become a Reserve driver for Aston Martin given they will be running Honda engines beginning in 2026 and Honda what Tsunoda to have a -place in F1 somewhere.

If true, than the 2026 Visa Cash App Drivers would be Perez and either Lawson or Ricciardo, most likely Perez and Lawson.

Fernando Alonso is not getting any younger and when he finally hangs it up, Tusonda could be his replacement.

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