Daniel Ricciardo

F1 Rumor: Ricciardo in talks with Williams as career is on the line

Red Bull Racing VCARB (RB) team driver Daniel Ricciardo, is rumored to be talking to Williams Racing for the 2025 season, according to F1 reporter and presenter Will Buxton.

This development comes as Ricciardo’s contract with RB nears its conclusion this season, positioning him in a delicate negotiation phase with Williams as a prospective new home.

Red Bull Racing has recently confirmed it will retain Sergio Perez for the 2025 season, a decision that affects the Australian driver’s future with the team. Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, has been vocal about the team’s direction, highlighting the need to promote younger talents like Liam Lawson.

Marko stated to Kleine Zeitung, “We will have to put a young driver in there soon. That would be Liam Lawson.”

Buxton went on to say that, “Ricciardo’s entire future is on the line right now. There is much talk that he will be out of this seat after the summer break.

“There is talk that he may be in negotiations with Williams for their second seat next year, alongside Alex Albon.

“Williams, as we understand, are sick of waiting for Carlos Sainz Jr. to make his mind up on where he wants to go next year and may close that door off for him.”

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