Ferrari to introduce a V8 hybrid supercar this year

Supercar will have more power than the 488 Pista
The hybrid Supercar will have more power than the 488 Pista

Ferrari is bringing a new mid-engine V8 supercar to the market this year — but with a hybrid drivetrain this time. Last year, then-Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne told Auto Express that a hybrid V8 was coming, and Automotive News is now reporting that a hybrid supercar will debut later this year.

According to Automotive News, the new Ferrari won't be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show next month, but it will have an unveiling event of its own later on. It will sit above the 488 Pista, as it will have more power. Automotive News quotes Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri as having confirmed the car on an earnings call in late January, saying that it will be more profitable than for example the 812 Superfast and that deliveries will start a year from now.

The hybrid V8 supercar marks a step ahead for Ferrari, as it means hybrid tech will no longer be reserved to limited-edition specialties like the KERS-boosted LaFerrari, but that the technology will feature in a "regular lifecycle" model. Camilleri also stated that 60 percent of the Ferrari lineup will have a hybrid variant by 2022; this means that there will be pure gasoline variants for petrolheads shunning electric assist, but that Ferrari can also move ahead with the times.

The electrified technology that Ferrari is developing is also expected to trickle to Maserati's upcoming Alfieri model that replaces its GranTurismo; that car will also be made in Ferrari's hometown of Modena.

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