F1 set to reduce downforce for 2021 despite ‘freeze’

Regardless of the rules, the Mercedes car will remain superior
Regardless of the rules, the Mercedes car will remain superior

(GMM) F1 is planning some technical changes for 2021, even though it was earlier decided to 'freeze' car design amid the coronavirus pandemic.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that following a video meeting of the technical working group, changes to reduce downforce and the forces exerted on tires will be applied from 2021.

2021 was expected to be the start of the all-new technical regulations, but they have been delayed until 2022 because of the corona crisis.

The report said the changes to the 2020 cars for 2021 will involve the floor and wings, without compromising "the basic philosophy" of the technical freeze.

As suggested, one purpose of the changes is to help Pirelli, whose 2019 tires are already being kept for 2020. Now, a very similar design is expected for 2021, after the debut of the 18-inch wheels was delayed for a year.

"We were certainly not planning to use them (the 13-inch wheels) for such a long period of time," Pirelli boss Mario Isola told the Italian source Radiobox.

He said some limited development of the current tires could be needed for 2021.

"To do this type of evaluation we need the help of the teams, to provide us with simulations to understand what the expected performances are for the end of 2021," Isola added.

"It will allow us to understand if we have to do a small development or if we can use the current tires, perhaps by increasing the pressure or limiting the camber a little more."

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