First pictures of Alfa Romeo 2019 F1 car on track

Alfa Romeo Racing's 2019 Formula 1 car is pictured here on-track for the first time at a shakedown in Italy.

The team is using one of its two allowed promotional events to run the car ahead of pre-season testing next week.

These first images from Fiorano – captured by Federico Basile for shows Kimi Raikkonen behind the wheel of the Alfa Romeo with Ferrari power, in a black-and-red camouflage livery.

AlfaRomeo1.jpg AlfaRomeo2.jpg AlfaRomeo3.jpg
AlfaRomeo4.jpg AlfaRomeo5.jpg AlfaRomeo6.jpg
AlfaRomeo7.jpg AlfaRomeo8.jpg AlfaRomeo9.jpg
AlfaRomeo10.jpg AlfaRomeo11.jpg AlfaRomeo12.jpg
AlfaRomeo13.jpg AlfaRomeo14.jpg AlfaRomeo15.jpg
AlfaRomeo16.jpg AlfaRomeo17.jpg AlfaRomeo18.jpg
AlfaRomeo19.jpg AlfaRomeo20.jpg AlfaRomeo21.jpg

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