Video: The data is now in, time to reopen the country – now! (Update)

UPDATE After being watch by 6 million people fascist Google took down the good doctors video because it does not fit their views to shutdown America, destroy the economy, and defeat Trump. What happened to 1st Amendment Rights of Free Speech? The video is professionally done, with no one slandered, by professionals who specialize in this field. However, any video that slanders the President of the United States remains up on YouTube. So it is clear that Google is politically motivated to help Biden win the election. Here is a copy. This video will not be stopped – there will be copies spread all over the internet and Google will be exposed for the fascist organization that it is.

04/26/20 The initial recommendations from the medical community was for President Trump to shut down our vibrant USA economy, against his common sense way of looking at things. Those recommendations were based on theoretical models when they did not have enough real data. And as we have seen, those models have been wrong all along as predictions of death get reduced and reduced by the week.

These two doctors, experts in the field, with far more expertise in viruses and our immune system than even doctor Fauci, present what the data that we now have says. We highly recommend you watch this video, and you decide, should the lockdowns be lifted? Should the economy be unshackled? Should we go back racing?

Part 2

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