Big F1 teams also threatened by pandemic – Popov

How safe in Mercedes?
How safe in Mercedes?

(GMM) Even the big teams might disappear from Formula 1 amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to Russian commentator Alexey Popov.

To date, the focus of the worries has centered around the survival of the smallest teams like Williams.

"Unfortunately, I think they are not alone," Popov told Match TV.

"Even Mercedes and Red Bull cannot be sure to survive this situation. If they are forced to cut back on everything, motorsport may not be the priority in the end."

In fact, Popov said that "paradoxically" it is the smaller teams who may be able to weather the storm the best.

"It is paradoxically easier for them, because it is the only thing they do. So they are looking for solutions," he said.

"But looking at Williams, they really are in a difficult situation. You saw all the assets they mortgaged to the bank and Nicholas Latifi's father. For them, every missed race is more money lost."

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