Pirelli Compound Choices for first four GPs of 2019

Tire colors for 2019
Tire colors for 2019

Pirelli will bring the following compounds to the 2019 Australian Grand Prix (March 15-17), Bahrain Grand Prix (March 29-31), Chinese Grand Prix (April 12-14) and Azerbaijan Grand Prix (April 26-28). Just three colors at each race in 2019, with five different compounds available: C1 is the hardest, C5 is the softest.


(1) Each driver must save one set of the softest of the three nominated compounds for Q3. This set
will then be returned for those who qualify in the top 10, but the remaining drivers will keep it
for the race.
(2) Each driver must have both race sets available for the grand prix.
(3) Teams are free to choose the remaining 10 sets, making 13 sets in total for the weekend.
(4) Selections for long-haul events have to be made 14 weeks in advance; for European races
the deadline is 8 weeks in advance.

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