Formula 1 in 2018: Who was the best driver?

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

F1 2018 has been quite unpredictable this season with a lot of up and downs from the drivers. Right at the top of the charts this season are some of the most well-known names in F1 racing. In first place is Lewis Hamilton, last year’s champion as well, who has now added more wins under his belt making it a total of 70 wins. In second place was Sebastian Vettel, bringing his total to 52 wins for him. These two came in at the same positions as last year, and Lewis Hamilton still holds the championship title. If you are into sports betting at SugarHouse, you may have benefited substantially.

Who was the Best Formula 1 Driver this year?

The highest number of wins goes to Michael Schumacher with a whopping 91 wins, making Lewis second and Sebastian third in the highest number of wins list. But does this mean that these racers are the best drivers in this season? Well, there are some arguments among the fans and critics about that. There were some new and upcoming names among the racers this season who seem to have caught the eye of the public. Here is a list of 4 racers who are deemed to be at the top this year:

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis is known for his impeccable driving standards and handling of his Mercedes. He is a four-time world champion and is the most successful British F1 driver. This year he has received an average of 8.6 points out of 10, of which 3 of the 9 races have been full marks. Having received a total of 408 points this season and 363 points last year, he has kept a well-deserved lead ahead of Sebastian Vettel in both consecutive years.

Sebastian Vettel

Also a four-time world champion, Sebastian is known for wanting to become as close to his hero, Michael Schumacher, as he could with his Ferrari. He has also gotten an average of 8.3 which is very close to Hamilton’s score. Both of them have an ongoing rivalry that adds to the excitement during the races. In the middle of the season, Sebastian had tied the number of wins with Hamilton and it looked to be a very close championship at the time. As far as being the best driver this year, Sebastian made a few mistakes that can’t be overlooked such as during the German Grand Prix (his home ground), when he lost the lead to Hamilton after losing control of his vehicle.

Max Verstappen

With an average score of 7.92 and a total of 249 points, Max came in 4th place this season. A lot of eyes were on him this year and he has shown promising talent to become a future world champion.

Charles Leclerc

Charles has been a hot topic among F1 fans as of late with a lot of approval ratings commending his driving performance. Having won a couple of championships back in 2016 and 2017, and with his phenomenal records this season, averaging at 7.87 points, he is shaping up to be a future star.

Among these four racers, the one with the highest ratings, wins, performance and championships is undoubtedly Lewis Hamilton. After Nico Rosberg retired from F1 racing in 2016, Lewis has been dominating at the top of the charts and has been performing extremely well in his Mercedes. This was spectacularly shown this season in Singapore where Hamilton finished a lap that gained him top ratings as it was known to be a track where Mercedes has traditionally struggled to complete successfully.

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