Dutch GP boss says ‘ethical’ to stop F1 speculation

Jan Lammers
Jan Lammers

(GMM) Dutch GP boss Jan Lammers has called for speculation about re-starting Formula 1 to stop for now.

"We actually want to stop reporting until there is more clarity," the former F1 driver, who is the lead spokesman for the Zandvoort event, told the Dutch publication Formule 1.

"Every answer raises new questions, and everything is interpreted so widely. So from an ethical point of view, we actually want to set an example," Lammers added.

He is obviously talking about the coronavirus pandemic, which has stalled normal life for an apparently indefinite period of time.

"The focus must be where it belongs," said Lammers.

"We now need to leave the media attention to more socially important subjects. This goes much further than just a motorsport situation – to take even one percent of the victim role would be inappropriate."

To that end, he said any talk that the Dutch race could be rescheduled for as early as August is not right.

"You have to ask yourself if August is not very early, because then you would assume that this virus will be out of the world in June or July. And then you'd need to wonder if it is appropriate to celebrate while half of Europe is traumatized," said Lammers.

"Too much is happening in the world to be selfish."

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