Bob Varsha gets setback by Covid-19

Bob Varsha
Bob Varsha

Bob Varsha, who is fighting cancer, posted on his Go Fund Me site today the following:

"Well, that ended poorly. After completing my final, and toughest, round of chemo weeks ago, the side effects never seemed to go away. Then one day my temperature spiked, so my oncologist leapt into action and got me a Coronavirus test. On Friday the result was “positive."

"So here we are, enjoying another 14-day quarantine. I can’t say enough good things about my docs, Dr. Vasily Assikis here in Atlanta and Dr. Daniel George at Duke, and their staffs. They have been totally supportive. As soon as I can get the all-clear we’ll do blood and MRI work, see where are. Thanks to all! I still hope to speak to you from a track later this year."

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