Kubica tells world to ‘stay at home’

Robert Kubica
Robert Kubica

(GMM) Robert Kubica has urged Formula 1 fans to take care during the unprecedented global pandemic.

"Today, many people are focusing on work and making money, but now health is the most important thing," the Pole told Przeglad Sportowy.

"Without it, everything else goes to the background.

"I urge us to join our forces in the hope of defeating this invisible rival," Kubica, who almost died in a 2011 rallying crash, added.

"It is a difficult fight, but if we work together, we can win. The most important thing now is to fight our biggest rival – not on the track, but with this invisible rival that is very dangerous. So please be careful.

"Stay at home if possible," said the Alfa Romeo test driver. "Restrict being with other people. Limit your outdoor activities and just stay at home.

"I know that sometimes that is difficult, but if we do not, there is a high risk that we will prolong this fight and it will last for a long time.

"But if we win it, we will be able to return to our routines, our racing and our everyday lives. Then we will appreciate them more," Kubica added.

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