Marko wants super license system overhaul

If you do both F3 and F2 you can usually accummulate enough points
If you do both F3 and F2 you can usually accumulate enough points

(GMM) Dr Helmut Marko wants Formula 1 to revisit the rules concerning how drivers qualify for a super license.

Currently, a complex points system based mainly on a driver's achievements in the junior categories determines whether he qualifies for the mandatory credential.

But Marko, the boss of Red Bull's successful driver development program, thinks the system needs an overhaul.

"I hope the FIA will review it," he told Germany's

"Many drivers who have the required 40 points do not have the potential to be successful in Formula 1. At the same time, there are many talented drivers but they don't always get the points they need," Marko added.

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