Mercedes, not Ferrari, will be 2020 rival – Marko

Marko dismisses Ferrari as being good enough to beat his Red Bull team
Marko dismisses Ferrari as being good enough to beat his Red Bull team

(GMM) Dr Helmut Marko does not think Ferrari will get in the way of Red Bull's fight for the 2020 title against Mercedes.

Red Bull actually finished third last year behind both Mercedes and Ferrari, but Marko thinks the energy drink-owned team is poised to leapfrog its Italian rival.

"We were ahead of them in the last third of the season," the Red Bull official told Auto Bild.

"They didn't seem to have the advantage, especially with the engine, that they had before."

At the same time, Marko says Honda has delivered an exceptional level of progress.

"Honda not only fulfilled their promises, they exceeded them by far," he said.

"They're almost on par with Mercedes, only a little is missing in qualifying now. But I am convinced that Honda can also take that small step and then it is up to us to build a car from the start that will compete for the title.

"So far it looks good because we will be finished sooner than ever," said Marko.

"Our opponent will be Mercedes, and especially Lewis Hamilton. I have to admit that he drives almost perfectly and is currently the best driver as a package. But our Max Verstappen is coming."

Mercedes' engine boss Andy Cowell admitted that the German team is worried about Red Bull's progress heading into 2020.

"Red Bull is able to build cars that can win championships," he said, "and Max Verstappen is incredibly good.

"And Honda's commitment is as big as its progress."

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