Doornbos not interested in Spyker, to stay in Champ Car

At the Dutch GP press conference on Thursday, Robert Doornbos was asked if he would be interested in the vacant Spyker seat. Doornbos replied that there had been people asking him to drive for the Dutch team, but that he is not interested.

RD: "I don't want to be a backmarker anymore, so I shouldn't go to Spyker at this moment. I am sad for Albers, and especially for the fans. For a while they had two Dutch drivers to cheer on, but now there is no one left."

And, on his future: "Red Bull is my personal sponsor, and we will discuss possibilities for the future somewhere in august. It would be great to come back to Champ Car next year next year as defending champion, but that depends on many factors."

We hear Doornbos is likely to stay in Champ Car. Not only does he like the series, but he gets to race in Holland, which he would not do in F1.

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