Honda could veto qualifying tweak

(GMM) An obstacle to any tweak for F1's new knockout qualifying system has emerged; in the form of Honda.

The Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA), now supported by many teams, is pushing for a change to the final 20-minute section, in which the foremost objective is to burn fuel.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone says a change could be made as soon as next week, after a meeting at Barcelona, but it would require unanimity among the eleven team principals.

And Honda's Nick Fry, for one, might exercise his veto. ''I don't think there's a telling reason to change,'' he told 'Speed TV'.

Fry suggested that the ten-minute trough in excitement means that qualifying as a whole is 'nice', with 'highs and lows'.

He added: ''If I feel that the logic for change is a good one, then we would support it.

''But I haven't seen that.''

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