New spy scandal to rock F1

(GMM) A spying war has broken out at the Nurburgring, according to German reports.

It is claimed that a communications specialist at F1 championship leader Renault has successfully tapped into Ferrari's encrypted radio systems — and Ferrari know about it.

'Bild' newspaper said the Flavio Briatore-led camp 'monitored every word' spoken by Ferrari's engineers and drivers throughout Friday, including secret technical and race strategy information.

The Renault specialist is reportedly using a high-tech piece of equipment to do the spying, whose efforts could not be thwarted even by Ferrari changing its radio frequency several times.

F1's governing body is apparently aware of the alleged saga, with an 'insider' at the FIA telling Bild: ''It is not a secret that the top teams invest a lot to obtain the information of other teams.

''But without strong evidence, we cannot intervene.''

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