Patrick F1 material?

From the totally hilarious department, Danica Patrick says she is not pushing for a F1 offer. Well of course not.

"I think it's very flattering. I feel very lucky to have people talking about Formula One and to potentially have that as an opportunity," Patrick told Reuters in an interview.

"But at this point in time I'm very happy where I'm at. I enjoy living in the States and being near my friends and family. I don't know what's going to happen in the future."

Patrick became the first woman to lead the Indianapolis 500 last year, finishing the race in fourth.

Once "dead set" on racing in Formula One, Patrick admits she is not yet ready for the punishing grind of the F1 circuit.

"I think being away from all of your family and friends…it's something that isn't ideal for me right now," she said before this week's Indy Japan 300.

"Maybe one day I'll want to have a big, beautiful place in Monaco. If I'm happy off-track, I do well on-track. Maybe it will work out with Formula One in the future."

It's nice to dream. Though she is competitive at the 100% throttle IndyCar tracks where little or no talent is required and car weight is a factor (her car is 50 to 100 pounds lighter), on the road courses she gets smoked. The same when she ran in the Toyota Atlantic Series, the 'men' smoked her all year long. Certainly not F1 material and an F1 test drive would strictly be a public relations stunt by her management and F1 at this point.

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