Ride buyers are MF1’s financial lifeline

Although the F1 season has barely started (so far 3 race meetings), MF1 Racing have already managed to sign their fifth "test driver" for this year….

The 'lucky' fifth one, after Roman Rusinov (RUS), Markus Winkelhock (D), Adrian Sutil (D) and Giorgio Mondini (CH), is none other then Italian Fabrizio Del Monte.

Fabrizio tried his luck in Champ Car last year with Jensen Motorsport at Long Beach and with CTE-HVM at Surfers Paradise (16th) and Mexico-City. In Mexico-City he crashed heavily during testing on Thursday and never made it to the weekend.

After finishing second to Nicky Pastorelli in the Superfund 3000 championship in 2004 and competing in 2006 in the Italian F3000 championship, Del Monte seems to also have found some sponsorship money to 'buy' a test drive at MF1 Racing !

With this latest MF1 Racing coup, one wonders if all of these 'financial trouble' stories surrounding this team are true or false ….Which driver follows …and for how long?

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