McLaren lose another man – reports

UPDATE Red Bull Racing have signed McLaren's head of aerodynamic development Peter Prodromou, This rumor is now 'fact.' 01/26/06 (GMMf1NET) Until recently, McLaren boasted the highly respected technical talents of Adrian Newey, Nicholas Tombazis and Peter Prodromou.

But now, with the F1 grapevine suggesting that the latter head of aerodynamics has left Woking, and lingering speculation that Tombazis will soon return to Ferrari, McLaren may have lost the entire talented trio.

Reports in Italy and Germany suggest that – like former technical director Newey – Prodromou is bound for Red Bull.

''If a team has success, then inevitably other teams start to make good offers,'' said managing director Martin Whitmarsh this week, but he denied that any key figures had joined Newey in finding the door.

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