Davidson still in ‘Aguri’ running

(GMMf1NET) In the world of formula one, the absence of a denial is as good as an admission.

In that spirit, then, Honda 'Friday' driver Anthony Davidson is still in the running to race a Honda-powered Super Aguri car at some point in the 2006 season.

''At the moment,'' Honda chief Nick Fry carefully worded in Barcelona for the works Honda car's launch, ''Anthony is signed up to be our test driver.''

26-year-old Davidson, after a two-race taste of the grand prix grid with Minardi in 2002 and another teaser in Malaysia last year, is now desperate to join the grid on a full time basis.

However, it is a small consolation for the Briton that BAR-Honda's lack of form in 2005 does allow him to re-take the wheel of the spare car on GP Fridays.

But he admitted it raised his profile in 2004.

''At the end of the year, everyone knew who I was,'' Davidson said, ''and I believe that I am stronger today than I was then.''

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