‘Little Schu’ unlikely to forge F1 career

(GMMf1NET) 'Mick Schumacher' is unlikely to follow in his famous world championship-winning father's mighty footsteps. The seven time drivers' title winner, known at home as 'Dad', said his six-year-old son – to turn 7 in March – is not yet showing a passion for motor racing.

Undoubtedly, Michael Schumacher is happy about that. But it's not the danger that puts him off, it is the 'burden' of the inevitable comparisons that the son of a grand prix legend has to endure.

''I have seen this with Damon Hill or Jacques Villeneuve,'' he told the Independent newspaper.

''I would want my son to be able to make his own way, uncompared. But if he fell in love with racing and absolutely wanted to go this way, I'd support him.''

37-year-old Michael Schumacher, however, says little Mick is interested in many sports, 'and I don't see a preference (for racing)'.

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