Loss of Chevy and Toyota could be devastating to IRL

General Motors will be out of the IRL for the first time since 1996 and Toyota is also leaving after next year. Honda gave the league a major boost last weekend when it announced plans to supply engines through 2009. Officials said they will provide engines for at least 33 car-and-driver combinations at the 500, if necessary. But there are long-term implications for a one-engine series. Financial support from Honda is the reason Michael Andretti's team became a four-car operation with four race-winning drivers. A reduction in engine manufacturers also reduces the exposure the league gets from race naming rights and advertising. Indy Star [Editor's Note: With the extreme cost of IRL racing caused by the huge cost to replace cars after they pulverize against the oval track walls (just ask Chip) the loss of manufacturer support may create an unsustainable financial model for the IRL. Tony George will have to write a lot of checks to keep teams afloat.]

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