Coulthard to stay on with Red Bull after retirement

UPDATE David Coulthard has rebuked speculation that F1 retirement might be just 19 or 20 grands prix down the road. The Scottish veteran, 34, has been retained by Red Bull Racing for the 2006 season, but it is unclear if he'll be given a racing role much beyond that.

''To focus on anything other than driving would be to mentally retire,'' said the winner of thirteen grands prix for Williams and McLaren.

DC said: ''To go through corners like 130R at Suzuka you've got to be committed and I am. There's no point for me to think about anything else.''

At thirty four, though, Coulthard is the second oldest driver on the grid and surely closer than most to finally stepping out of the paddock. But, at Red Bull, David's never had so much fun in F1, after a decade at dowdy McLaren.

''(F1) is not more important than life itself,'' David Coulthard said this week, ''(but) at various other points in my career I'm not sure I'd have seen it that way.''

10/04/05 Speaking in an interview with Autosprint, Dietrich Mateschitz said the Red Bull team was delighted with David Coulthard's input this year and looked forward to his continued involvement in the future.

"Yes, he's a good driver, and his presence in the team is ideal for us," said Mateschitz. "When he was hired, we told him he didn't have to shave every day, that he could wear whatever he wanted to and that he could always tell journalists the truth, with no need to be diplomatic. Used as he was to Mercedes, he thought we were taking the piss.

"Nowadays he's like a new man. He's aware of when the right time will come to retire, but he'll stay involved with Red Bull Racing even after he stops as a driver."

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