Sato and Davidson to drive for Honda ‘B’ team

Anthony Davidson and Takuma Sato will probably be the drivers for the new Honda 'B' team next year.

"Anthony has got a good chance," said Honda's Nick Fry. "He has proven himself and he keeps proving himself.

"At the last test, last week, he did an absolutely sensational job and he wants to drive a race car. He is well known to Honda and we would not stand in his way, even though it would be a loss to our testing efforts if he went elsewhere.

"I am sure he would have both our and Honda's backing and we would applaud someone who wanted to take him up."

"It is obviously a very good place for Taku to go," added Fry. "Obviously with Honda engine backing, the same engine as we are using next year, it is not going to be an out of date engine. So it is promising for him."

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