Champ Car learning from its mistakes

Q. Will Champ Car station someone in Korea on a more permanent basis given what has happened now twice – the race being cancelled?

JOE CHRNELICH: Yeah, good point. What we are learning is when you're that far away, talking on the phone is okay, email is okay, but at the end of the day, you need somebody there on a constant basis making sure you facilitate the needs of the promoter, making sure that the communications are coming back on a regular basis to our office. So you can expect to see somebody there on a more regular basis from our perspective because that does pay benefits.

[Editor's Note: We still maintain that one person working out of their home needs to be stationed in each country that Champ Car races in to look after the event(s), have daily communication with the promoter, lobby local politicians, talk to local businessmen, and talk to the local media. Making an event VERY successful is a 12-month a year job.]

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