A1 GP deceived Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone, Formula One's rights manager, gave advice to organizers of the A1 Grand Prix series, a potential rival to the most-watched motor sport. The first A1 race is at Brands Hatch, England, on Sunday, the same day as Formula One's Brazilian Grand Prix. The 28-year-old Sheikh Mohammed bin Hasher Maktoum al-Maktoum is chairman of the A1 series, which features 25 teams and is calling itself the "World Cup of Motor Sport." Ecclestone, 74, said he advised the Sheikh on the understanding that he was planning a series for veteran drivers in Asia and wanted an all-English team. "Since then they've forgotten what we agreed," Ecclestone said. "Now they don't want any help." AP Article

[Editor's Note: Bernie does not take being lied to lightly. With all the media coverage A1 GP is getting you can bet one thing, A1 GP is now in Bernie's crosshairs…..we anticipate he'll move to cut their legs out from under them if they meet with much success.]

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