Liuzzi to get 2006 ride

He might be a bit bored at grands prix, but Vitantonio Liuzzi is just relieved that '06 will be his year in formula one. Red Bull's Italian driver, who had hoped to get more than a four-race chance in the racing cockpit, will definitely steer either a Red Bull Racing or 'Rookie' seat next year.

The energy drink-owned squad recently confirmed that Christian Klien would keep the drive next to David Coulthard in Brazil, Japan and China.

''It's a shame that I won't be driving,'' Liuzzi, 24, told the ITV website, ''but for me the most important thing is that I can get my chance in 2006.''

Disappointed about this season he may be, but 'Tonio' reckons sitting out the last few might actually be a quiet blessing. ''One full year,'' he admitted, ''will be much better than a part time season.

''I couldn't have a career in just three races.''

So will it be Red Bull, or the renamed and newly-acquired Minardi team? ''It's not clear yet,'' Tonio insisted.

But he did admit: ''It will be interesting to drive with Minardi, because … they're Italian. (But) I'm trying to push to stay with Red Bull Racing because I feel really well in the team and it's like a family for me.''

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