Champ Car might sue IRL

According to this Champ Car article, over the weekend, Champ Car contacted Montreal promoter Normand Legault to voice its displeasure over his and the IRL's comments in the media regarding a possible IRL race in Montreal in 2006. Sources close to Champ Car tell me [Robin Miller] that they are extremely disturbed by the efforts of the IRL and others to undermine their promoter and venue relationships and that Champ Car is quite close to taking formal action against those parties which illegally interfere with its business.

We're not attorney's but we do know that the actual 'Tort' is "Interference with Contractual Relations." (That would be when an actual contract exists.) If there was no contract, or if it had already expired, and Champ Car was trying to get a contract then it would be "Interference with Prospective Advantage."

We're certain Kevin Kalkhoven knew what it was. He's a Venture Capitalist who has much experience with making deals. He makes Tony George and the IRL look like idiots at times.

The article goes on to point out that the Kool-Aid drinkers in this country will simply say the IRL never wanted Montreal. Just like it didn't want Long Beach. Or CART's assets. Or Cosworth. Or St. Petersburg. Or Honda. Or Toyota. Or engine leases. Or Roger Penske. Like we have said before, the IRL wants everything Champ Car has. And until Kevin Kalkhoven and company came into the picture, they were getting everything they pretty much wanted. Kalkhoven and company have now drawn a line in the sand, and if the IRL keeps it up we suspect they'll find themselves in court one day. Who knows, maybe KK and company will own the Speedway someday as part of a lawsuit settlement. Wouldn't that be ironic?

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