Pikes Peak dumps IRL too?

UPDATE This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' with today's schedule release by the IRL. 09/13/05 Hot on the heels of Fontana and Phoenix dropping their IRL race for 2006 comes word in today's Indy Star that the IRL is expected to be without most of its tracks in the Western half of the country when officials announce the 2006 season schedule today. Phoenix International Raceway, California Speedway and Pikes Peak (Colo.) International Raceway figure to be absent from what could be a 14-race schedule. Contracts with the tracks had not been signed as of Monday. There are 17 races this season. Phoenix has been an IRL track since the league's inaugural season in 1996; Pikes Peak came on board the following year. California has hosted league races annually since 2002 and will host the season-ending race next month, in front of a small crowd. The only Western track to remain is Infineon Raceway, a road course in Sonoma, Calif. [and even their attendance is suspect for the long-term].

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