More teams to sign Concorde

Three more teams may be on the verge of signing Bernie Ecclestone's new Concorde agreement.

That's the claim of FIA president Max Mosley, who at Monza insisted that formula one – despite threats of a carmaker led breakaway – does have a future beyond late 2007.

At present, only Ferrari, Red Bull and Midland-owned Jordan have signed the new 2008 contract. ''Another three teams are on the verge of signing up to join them,'' the Englishman claimed in Italy, ''and I think it's only a matter of time before more follow soon.''

At his Monza press conference, Mosley also revealed some of the rules compromises that are likely as a result of the Milan meeting with teams and carmakers.

He said proposals for standard brakes and a regular gear shifter had been called off, and that 'active tire pressure' systems – to maintain safe tire pressures during a race – would be allowed.

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