Argent eyeing NASCAR

Did you know that Ameriquest is the retail side of Argent, a huge IRL sponsor, that is now getting involved in NASCAR (See Hot News item). It's going to be very interesting around the IRL paddock if Argent goes to NASCAR like we hear might happen. We don't know……but if their retail side is going NASCAR, can they be far behind? They seem to be shifting dollars to the more high profile sports (PGA, etc) and to the retail side rather than the wholesale broker side, which is Argent.

It would seem to us that from a marketing side they would get more "pull through" appealing directly to consumers, a la NASCAR. They sell what are called non conforming mortgages (you can guess what that means) which is probably more the stock car crowd than open wheel.

Plus, we know that Argent got romanced by all the great Champ Car venues, great three day weekends, great schmoozing events, dinner with Danica, dinner with Bobby, etc etc. Then all of a sudden they're out in Sparta, Kentucky with their hands over their ears in the hot stands yelling to their customers and can't get an autograph from Danica.

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