Champ Cars of old might sit on F1 pole

Remember the days when Champ Cars made over 900 HP and had traction control? Add those two items to today's Champ Car and might they sit on the pole for the F1 race in Montreal? This year's pole time in Montreal was Jenson Button at 1:15.217 and last year's pole time for Champ Car was Bourdais at 1:19.897. This year the Champ Cars have been faster at most tracks, so we are probably looking at the low 1:19's for this year's pole. Add in 150 HP and give them traction control again and we could see the Champ Cars up toward the front of an F1 grid. Next year the F1 cars lose some 100 with the new V8 engine, as well as some other aero changes. Meanwhile Kevin Kalkhoven said Champ Car's HP might go higher next year, further narrowing the gap between a $500 million per year F1 team and a $10 million (or less) Champ Car team. The comparisons can start to get interesting again. It just goes to show how little bang for the buck you get with an F1 car. They should hang their heads in shame.

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