Craven then McMurray to drive 6 car

UPDATE #4 Brandon Mudd of 590 the Fan, KFNS, (, spoke to #41-Casey Mears, who was in the St. Louis area yesterday for a Victory Junction Gang Camp function at Kenny Schrader's dirt track in Pevely, MO. When asked about the situation between his car owner, Chip Ganassi and his Chip Ganassi Racing teammate, #42-Jamie McMurray, Mears said, "I guess I would be lying if I said it didn't (affect my focus) a little bit, not so much my focus as a driver, but maybe it just distracts the organization a little bit. I think it's very clear now what Jamie's going to be doing for next year, he'll be running with us, the year after that, he's not." When asked where he (Mears) will be next year and if a certain blue deuce car is in his future, he said he believes he will still be with Ganassi. "As of right now, I'm going to be with Ganassi (next year). We haven't gotten any solid answers or solid information on exactly what it's going to be or where at, but every indication I get from Chip is that he wants me next year. We're hoping to get that all settled soon." Brandon W. Mudd/590 The Fan, KFNS

07/10/05 McMurray, who drives for Chip Ganassi [#42 Dodge], has just signed a multiyear contact to drive for Jack Roush beginning in 2007 [in the #6 Ford]. That surprising move is so legally ticklish that McMurray yesterday dodged reporters and refused to answer questions, issuing a brief statement only after it was cleared by his attorneys. McMurray's move has sparked numerous questions, including the thorny legal issue of whether it's OK to sign a contract to drive for somebody else while still under a contract. The sticky issue of "interfering" with a driver under contract has been debated, on and off, for more than 10 years, since driver contracts became the norm in NASCAR. Two NASCAR team owners, who asked not to be named, both said they felt that there was a significant potential for legal action over the move. But Roush quickly dismissed any such legal questions, saying that the issues had been thoroughly scrutinized: "We have had discussions, being fully aware of what his contract is. We don't intend to interfere with his contract in any way. We don't intend to talk about our sponsors or his sponsors, which would be one of the things to be concerned about. We only have interest in him getting in our car when he has fulfilled his commitments to Chip, whatever they are. We won't stand in the way of anything. And we're not interesting in any discussions of a buyout or anything else that might be an inducement for Chip to release him." Roush said that it's possible McMurray might even join Roush Racing for the 2006 season, though Ganassi, in a news release, said he wants to keep McMurray through the end of 2006. "He is not under contract for 2006 until Chip elects or chooses not to take his option going forward in September," Roush said. "This 2005 year for Jamie is the first year of two one-year extensions which were at Chip's option. Chip is obliged to let him know if he wants him to drive in 2006. And lacking an indication of that, he is released. It isn't clear what Chip will do. I haven't had any conversations with him. I don't think he's indicated to Jamie what he's going to do." Winston Salem Journal Actually Roush has more – conversations with Sterling Marlin, possibly to take Martin's ride for 2006. "Jack and I have talked a little, but I don't know anything," Marlin said. "I need to know something pretty quick, and I've got some meetings next week. We'll see how it shakes out." So would Marlin be willing to take just a one-year deal? "Yeah, if you look at what those guys are doing – it would be hard to give up the opportunity to win a championship," Marlin said. Winston Salem Journal 07/08/05 Roush Racing truck series driver Ricky Craven is expected to take over the No. 6 car from retiring Mark Martin for next year before McMurray steps in for 2007. 07/07/05 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' today – see announcement from Roush Racing on Hot News page. Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates announced today that it will part ways with driver Jamie McMurray following the 2006 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup season. "Jamie's made a decision to go in another direction after we've both fulfilled the commitment that we made to each other in 2002," said team owner Chip Ganassi. "We didn't do a good job of conveying to Jamie where this team is headed, but we expect a lot of success with Jamie the rest of this year and next year, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors beyond that." Team owner Felix Sabates added, “This is a total team sport and the Texaco/Havoline team will continue to stay focused on making the Chase and running for the Championship this season, next season and well into the future." Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates PR 07/06/05 Jayski reports hearing that Jamie McMurray, current driver of the #42 Texaco Dodge for Chip Ganassi, has signed a multi-year agreement with Roush Racing to drive the #6 Ford beginning in 2007. Hmm…so who drives the #6 in 2006?

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