‘F1 on road to India’

Narain Karthikeyan reckons Formula One is on a fast road to India. Jordan's rookie, and the first Indian to ever tackle grands prix, told The Pioneer in Delhi that a race could hit the sub-continent within 'the next two to three years.'

''In fact, I am trying to sell the idea to the government. But (we have to) realize that it is a high-profile event and we will have to build the infrastructure first.''

Karthikeyan, 28, ruled out the so-called 'easy' route to the calendar of simply using city streets to emulate Monaco. He insisted: ''(Monaco) has been there for 70 – 80 years. You can't have that in India.''

The Indian also backtracked on earlier claims that the 'b' Jordan car could be ready as early as Turkey this month. ''It will be raced at some point this year,'' Karthikeyan mused. ''I hope it will allow us to challenge a few more teams.''

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