When will Champ Car race be run in Philly?

UPDATE Another reader agrees, Philadelphia would be a great place for a mid to late May race. Maybe the week before Indy (while no cars are being bumped). Spring weather has not gotten humid yet. Fills hole in the schedule. The Phillies are usually out of the playoffs already by then (ha ha), the Eagles have not started and the 76ers, many NCAA hoops teams and Flyers are either done or close to done. Looks very promising. John Costello 08/04/05 A reader asks, Dear AutoRacing1.com, I read with interest about the proposed Philadelphia Champ Car race. When would it run? I live in Philadelphia and it is so hot and humid in July and August I doubt anyone would show up for the race. As I type this if you walk outside you can hardly breathe. And in August half the people are at the Jersey Shore on vacation. Jon Costella, Philadelphia, PA. Dear Jon, We have advised Champ Car to have the race in the month of May, even Memorial Day weekend, but we keep hearing July 4th weekend and more recently August. The date will be driven by what the city prefers, but without question, the comfort of the paying customer will ultimately drive the success of the race. Cleveland attendance is bad because it's so hot and humid every year the fans can't stand it and don't return. Children are particularly affected. If we had our druthers, the Philly race would definitely be during the month of May, unless they do it under the lights in July and August – that could work. Let's hope common sense ultimately prevails. Mark C.

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