Was Manning another oval track victim?

Banging those concrete walls in an Indy Car, regardless of the SAFER Barrier is bad for ones health, both physical and mental. There are a litany of IRL drivers that can attest to that. Curt Cavin insinuates in this Q and A that Darren Manning has some lasting effects from his Indy accident.

Question: After seeing Sunday's interview with Chip Ganassi about Darren Manning I thought I would ask. Chip made comments such as, "he wasn't right," and "he needs to get out and rest." I'm wondering if there is more to the story. I hope he's healthy. (Bill from Sheboygan, Wis.)

Answer: Ganassi would not talk on the record about Darren's release. But I'm led to believe there is concern among team officials that Manning hasn't been the same driver since his crash at Indy in May.

More at Indy Star, including the prediction the IRL will dump Phoenix but keep Michigan in 2006. The IRL will announce their 2006 schedule the same weekend Champ Car announces theirs – August 13-14..

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