Ford and Chevy submit 2006 models, Toyota….?

UPDATE #2 The Ford Fusion has been unveiled and the new 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo will be unveiled this Thursday at the Indy Motor Speedway. This rumor is now 'fact.' 06/28/05 Ford will unveil its new Cup car in Charlotte on the Thursday before the first New Hampshire race. Chevrolet will do the same with its new Monte Carlo right before the Allstate 400 in Indy. Yahoo Sports 06/27/05 Ford and Chevrolet have submitted prototypes to NASCAR for the 2006 season. Ford's car is expected to be named the Fusion, and Chevrolet will retain the Monte Carlo brand. The big question surrounds Toyota. The NASCAR rulebook says "any new car model to be considered for approval for competition in the 2006 season must be submitted by the manufacturers to NASCAR for initial consideration not later than July 1." NASCAR officials will not confirm Toyota's intention to offer a stock car. There has been talk that Toyota will pull out of the Indy Racing League at the end of this season, which frightens the big three American automakers currently competing in NASCAR because of the generous budgets the Japanese company devotes to racing. An announcement regarding Toyota's intention could come as early as this weekend at Daytona–perfect timing for the July 1 deadline. Sporting News [Editor's Note: This coincides with the rumor that Toyota will announce their withdrawal from the IRL this week ahead of their NASCAR announcement/submission]

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