Sato’s ride in jeopardy

Excerpts from a Q and A with BAR Honda's Nick Fry.
Q: BAT sells a lot of cigarettes in Brazil…

“Yes, and he’s also a friend of Gil’s, so no doubt we’re hiring him because of the friendship!"

Q: Clearly there’s no room for Takuma in your ideal lineup, so where does that leave him?

“For Taku the position is very clear. He will be expected to earn points every race, and he’s done a really good job today. We’re all grown-up people. If the team is going to win the constructors’ championship, which it will, it’s got to have two drivers who contribute points at every race, and that’s the challenge for Takuma."

Q: Has he generally been disappointing this year?

“I think that would be unfair to say that in that we’ve had lots of ups and downs this year, and that’s affected both Jenson and Takuma. He’s demonstrated as he has before that he’s got the outright speed, but it’s got to be every race, and he’s got to turn in points every race. I’m not being disloyal to Takuma by saying that, it’s a statement of fact. At the end of the day this is F1, it’s the pinnacle of the sport, and if a team is going to win the championship it’s got to have two drivers who can deliver." More at

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