100% throttle racing ruining drivers

Not having to use driving skill in the 100% throttle world of IRL racing, it appears the reflexes and road racing skills get dumbed down from non-use. Chris Economaki reports that Tomas Scheckter’s career may have been dimmed by a recent disappointing road-racing test for a European team. Scheckter originally came from the European road racing system. And you wonder why we say F1 is never going to hire an IRL driver. Simply won't happen. Road racing takes a lot of skill and being away from it for awhile takes some time to get back up to speed. F1 teams have F3, GP2, and Champ Car to pick from, all road racing series. The IRL is a better training ground for the almost all-oval NASCAR series. Maybe the IRL drivers should wear "The Road to Daytona" hats.

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