What does it all mean?

With F1 in a shambles and headed for an inevitable split that will see the manufacturers start their own series, leaving Bernie Ecclestone, Max Mosley and Ferrari on the outside looking in, what will Bernie do?

As we stated in a previous rumor, Bernie and Max can both retire and live happily ever after. However, we doubt their pride will allow them to walk away without a fight. Was it a coincidence that the new F1 rules sound like they were photocopied from the Champ Car rulebook? As we have said all along, Bernie did not buy Champ Car a few years ago because he was bound by the Concorde Agreement. Some still think that Bernie told Champ Car to go away, and if and when the time is right, he will buy in.

Was it a coincidence that Kevin Kalkhoven was going to start a F1 team and did not? Why did he buy Champ Car instead? Did Bernie guide him that way knowing full well a split in F1 was inevitable? Did Bernie suggest that he rebuild Champ Car in preparation for it becoming the new F1 series should the GPWC start their own series?

Where does Cosworth fit into all this? Not part of the GPWC, are they being positioned to supply the entire grid, or at least most of it with Ferrari of course fielding a team or two? Can Ferrari compete fairly against the other Champ Car teams given their F1 background, and were the new rules specifically structured to make it a level playing field, i.e. teams can buy a Ferrari if they want?

The USA has become Ferrari's biggest market. Champ Car is establishing races around the world but the USA is still the backbone of the series.

What side will the banks go with, the GPWC, or will they side with Bernie, Max, the FIA and Champ Car keeping all the best venues and the coveted F1 name in the established series. What role does Paul Stoddart play now that he has become the mouthpieces of the GPWC? Is he trying to overthrow Max Mosley for the GPWC in the hope of breaking up the Max and Bernie stranglehold on the sport, knowing full well if they remain united the GPWC will have their a real battle on their hands?

All questions that must eventually get answered, but make one ponder what the future might hold in this battle of titans over control of the world's top motorsports series.

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