F1’s US future in doubt

If America wasn't keen on F1 before Sunday's US grand prix, the sport is now on a life-support machine after the farcical Indianapolis race. Indy CEO Tony George, though, swiftly swung the forehand of blame directly across the Atlantic. ''(F1) made decisions on an individual basis,'' he insisted.

In a statement, George then urged disgruntled race goers to let Michelin, the FIA, and Bernie Ecclestone's FOM company know what they think by publishing their contact details. Speedway president Joie Chitwood admitted that the future of the race in Indiana, with a contract until 2006, now sat under a grey cloud.

He said, also dodging a question about ticket refunds: ''We feel as victimized as the fans do. I'm not sure if the situation is repairable. I hope it is.'' ''We'll be evaluating our position on what's going to happen.'' GMMf1NET

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